Port RosesSpain

Berth Status


Purchase price and specifications

Sale price € 130.000

Length (M) 35

Quay/pontoon CD11

Taxes 21% VAT

Rent €n/a

Length concession 05/2031

Beam (M) 9

Draft (M) 6

Annual port cost€tbc

Rent €n/a

Berth StatusAvailable

Mooring information

We have listed a superyacht mooring in size 35M in Port Roses,  Girona Spain. The location is close to Girona and  the French Coastline.

The port is well protected and have only a few superyacht moorings this size. Please contact us for personal guidance and advice. This mooring compared to similar sizes in Barcelona or Balearic is highly competitive and the lease ends in July 2031.

We are looking for a fair offer for this mooring, marina and length of concession.

Marina information

The Marina of Roses serves 485 boats. There are 374 moorings for permanent mooring boats and the rest of the moorings are available for non-resident mooring boats.

If there is anything that we can do to make your stay perfect, please contact Direct Berth – The Berth Concierge team for any further information. 

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