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Direct Berth Brokerage BV strives to provide high-quality services, where reliability is an important factor. Respect for the privacy of our customers and careful handling of their personal data we see as an important part of the reliability of our services. Below you will find general information about how we handle your data. Where necessary, we have service or product is a supplementary privacy statement specifically identifying which data are recorded and for which they are used.

Use Login

In order to make use of some of our products and services you have a logon procedure, which prompted some to fill in information such as name, address, city, zip code, gender, email address, hunting information and areas of interest. The credentials are primarily used in the context of our service information to send. Also we would like to be regularly informed of new developments or interesting offers (see also below under date information).


Your email address is primarily used to send you your requested information and to confirm. We also use your email address to communicate with you and to keep you informed of new developments and products Direct Berth Brokerage BV


Direct Berth Brokerage BV spends the nature of the service and the trust placed in its services must be able to care for technical and organizational security measures to protect your data.

Analysis of data and cookies

The data resulting from the clicking of information on our websites or through exchange of information between the website and your computer (using certain text files called cookies) give us information that is important for the improvement and development of products and services such as the optimization of the website. We derive such information to the analysis of these data overviews and similar are not linked to individual users. Your personal use cannot be inferred. Cookies are also used to usernames, passwords and personal settings to save. On a subsequent visit, you do not re-enter your information. Most web browsers allow you to place cookies or block to you in advance to notify when a cookie is set. Turning off cookies, the use of our website and services. You can read our cookie policy (EU) and more information about cookies can be found at or

Recipients of data

Your data by Direct Berth Brokerage BV be collected and used, are accessible to employees of Direct Berth Brokerage BV within the meaning of Article 2:24 a BW who need the information in the performance of their duties. There are in principle no external parties that receive the information except to provide current information on products and services if your data for this purpose may be used (refer below to date information). It is also possible that by virtue of a legal obligation or a dispute occasional data to external parties should be made available. In the context of a merger or acquisition, bankruptcy or suspension of payment may require that third parties have access to the data or the data available have made.

Current information

We like to keep you informed of new developments and products Direct Berth Brokerage BV


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