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Berth Ownership and financial matters

Our Concierge services operates in an exclusive and complex environment that differs from Marina by Marina and country by country. Marina berths are generally a long-term lease (with an option to renew), not actually direct ownership.

You pay a purchase amount, but you don’t own the property or mooring; the amount you pay is simply rent in advance or ” right to use the mooring”  however without indexation percentage that will happen over the years to come. Not to forget you’re also liable for maintenance (community charges) of the port, body corporate fees and local taxes, navigation tax or lighthouse fees (government fees).


Why buy?

Due to high an increase of yacht sales and high in demand destinations, often there are no rental berth available, so the only way to get in is to buy a mooring. With the ever-evolving and ever-growing world of both yachting, securing a berth can prove difficult in the more popular ports. 

Buying a long-term lease as yacht owner gives you the opportunity to maximise enjoyment of your yacht during a number of years. Thereafter you are able to resell the remaining years of your mooring lease and make a return on the initial investment. As prices raise with an index of 2%-6% per year, this could be an interesting investment longer term.

The Future, the fleet is growing and forecast for long term is 10.000 new 30M plus in next 25 years. Super yachts are all the rage after years of rising sales (25% increase). Marinas for parking them are not.

With the current restrictions on marina capacity in the Med, we can see a logjam on the horizon.  Expect and already experience more and more congestion , nice boat no mooring situations. Western Med region is still most popular for cruising.

60% of all Superyachts are based in Med and prices for berths are surging to new highs across the Mediterranean. High demand less space.  The problem will continue to increase fast.

Investment are common today and attractive with the growth of yacht sales. Especially 30-75M berths will become an issue as only average of 160 berths available in a crowded market. Yacht size >20M is most difficult to get in the west Med and is a solid investment. Especially longer leases but this is pending on the location.  This leads to the conclusion that location, services, lease length determine risk rewards on ROI.

Financial matters

We at Direct Berth ensure that all financial matters required will be coordinated and completed to satisfaction. We will ensure that this will be coordinated with the marina operator and/or  private berth owner. We represent buyer or seller. We and guide our clients when it comes to governmental requirements.  For clarity, we are a berth and mooring broker/agent and no expert in the field of governmental taxation as this can be highly complex pending on each buyer situation. It is however of high importance. Therefore, we work with, and can recommend the best and dedicated teams of experts in the field of law, taxation and notarial task. We recognized that detailed knowledge, trust, transparency is of key importance.

In order to be fully transparent, our clients (buyer) will receive the purchase or rental cost for the berth. Our handling fee is a percentage % of transaction value and will be be paid by the seller. This percentage will be provided upon request.

Handling fee includes:
a) Cost of handling and time spent that is required to complete the transaction.
1. We do not work on per hour basis but for a percentage on the transaction value.
2. Travel & Expenses are in included for one site visit and inspection with a client. Any other trips required will be charged at cost and requires upfront approval.
b) Out-of-Pocket Expenses
The for selling of the berth or mooring promotional costs, boat show costs, advertising costs and the costs for exposure are unless different agreed, for the account of Direct Berth

Handling fee excludes: All berth related cost, specialist support cost e.g. lawyer’s, notary, translation of documents and shipping cost.

Please note: The purpose of this website is to provide information about marinas berth and moorings. The prices mentioned on the website are indicative and can have changed overtime . These do not constitute an definite price or offer to buy or rent the mooring. DIRECT BERTH will not have any liabilities or obligations to any prospective purchaser as prices may have changed since time of upload on the website . We will provide an accurate and  updated offering after receiving a formal request. Direct Berth do not accept any responsibility for, or give any representation or warranty as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of any information.

Taxation on purchases :  We do not have the expertise on tax related issues. We are no expert in the field of governmental taxation. We are no tax advisors and/or  lawyers and  do not accept any responsibility for, or give any representation or warranty as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of  information tax related issues as they vary country by country. We recommend to use your own sources or advisors for these matters. we can however  introduce these experts incase requested.

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