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By consulting data on this site is an agreement between you and Direct Berth Brokerage BV (Hereinafter collectively “Direct Berth Brokerage BV”). In this Agreement, the following conditions apply: You can use this site to search for data. You may only use the data for personal use or for strictly internal use within your company. Direct Berth Brokerage BV or the party whose Direct Berth Brokerage BV the data involves, is entitled to the copyright and other intellectual property rights and / or rights to the data and / or databases. Making available for the purpose stated in paragraph 1 shall not serve as transfer of one or more of these rights. It is not permitted to sell the data, reproduce or otherwise make available to third parties. You are not authorized without prior written permission from Direct Berth Brokerage BV, other than by means of a hyperlink, a direct link or gateway to differentiate between the dates on this site and other sites (meta) search engines or any other computer whatsoever.

Taxation on purchases :  We do not have the expertise on tax related issues. We are no expert in the field of governmental taxation. We are no tax advisors and/or  lawyers and  do not accept any responsibility for, or give any representation or warranty as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of  information tax related issues as they vary country by country. We recommend to use your own sources or advisors for these matters. we can however  introduce these experts incase requested.

By abuse of the above reserves Direct Berth Brokerage BV the right to terminate with immediate effect the use of the infringer to withdraw, or access to the search of data prohibiting and providing technical provisions. All this is at the sole discretion of Direct Berth Brokerage BV does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data on this site. Direct Berth Brokerage BV accepts no liability for damage resulting from use of these data. Direct Berth Brokerage BV reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. This agreement is exclusively governed by Dutch law.

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