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No new marina developments in the Balearic?

As part of its campaign to protect the marine environment, the Balearic government recently issued a decree stating that no new marina developments would be permitted for the foreseeable future. Having made an assessment of all of the marinas and protected marine areas in the Balearic Islands, and finding that it would be almost impossible to find a suitable location for a new marina, the government wishes to maximize the capacity of existing facilities instead.

POSTED On 01.02.2019

In the suggestions set out in the General Port Plan for the local ports in the Balearics, which looks ahead for the next 15 years, it was revealed that the government intends to make the most of the potential of existing marina facilities, and in some areas increase the capacity for repairs and maintenance. Speaking about the plans, the Minister for Land, Energy and Transport, Marc Pons, emphasised that the aim is not to inhibit the yachting market in the Balearics, but instead to protect an important sector, which has a significant impact on the local economy. 

Marina Consultant Oscar Siches believes that the decision is positive for the yachting sector in the region. “In my opinion, and this is very personal, building more marinas in the Balearics would lead to saturation of the coastal resources, and that is a risk not being considered with enough importance in the international marina world,” he explains.

“When we have a fantastic coastline and a beautiful interior, we do not want to spoil it by overbuilding marinas, housing or hotels. We have to measure what can be done and how to achieve a sustainability. As for the industry, there is a moment when quality should replace quantity as target.”

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