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Marinas in Spain & Impact for Yachts during COVID-19

Marina procedures during COVID-19 are rapidly changing and requires a day to day monitoring. Miguel Angel Serra, partner at Albors Galiano Portales the specialist in this matter is keeping us up to date on the situation.

POSTED On 31.03.2020

As all will know, Spain, as well as the EU and many other countries, has been put on lockdown and all ‘non-essential’ movement has been restricted. Since 17 March, the external EU borders have been closed to citizens of third-party countries for at least 30 days. Therefore, any ‘non-essential travel’ into the EU area (including Schengen member states and Schengen associated states) is restricted.

On 19 March, the Spanish Minister of Transport issued an order establishing, among others, the prohibition for all recreational vessels, private and commercial, from entering the ports of the Balearics and Canary Islands, regardless of its place of origin, with exceptions only in extreme humanitarian, medical or public interest circumstances.

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We can support yachts with short term moorings when cruising plans change. However note that Marina procedures need to be checked and situation can vary by port.

We are here for any questions you might have and guide you with the actual information for yachts, moorings, marinas and crew.

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