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Marina Port Ibiza with IPM Group

With a change of concession and management, the former Ibiza Magna is now to be known as Marina Port Ibiza. The marina has become part of the IPM-IMG Group, joining the portfolio of nautical facilities to which Marina Ibiza also belongs.

POSTED On 06.02.2021

Marina Port Ibiza

By introducing this marina into the group's facilities pool, the operation will be the same as in the rest of facilities," says Daniel Marí, manager of Marina Port Ibiza. "We have been working to install the management software used in the rest of marinas and also the action protocols.

Marí adds that there are plans to invest in the set up of the facilities, but the marina will not undergo any remodelling or redesign works due to the restrictions of the location
Source: Superyachtnews.com

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