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Barcelona is the Superyacht Destination according the Wealth Report 2021

Barcelona stands uniquely placed to gain from the world’s swelling fleet of superyachts. The city’s position as the gateway between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, summer and winter hubs of the yachting season, make it an optimal location to refit and repair. It is also a natural home port for superyachts exceeding 60m due to the facilities offered  by the luxury Marina Port Vell, one of the Mediterranean’s leading marinas.

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POSTED On 08.03.2021

Some 574 unique yachts entered the Barcelona region at least once between January 2015 to June 2020, according to Superyacht Intelligence. Arrivals of more than 60m increased from 44 in 2015 to 78 in 2019, and some 20 arrivals since 2019 have been more than 90m long.

The trend fits with Spain’s growing reliance on the maritime industry
Meanwhile, some 5,000 private jets from around 85 different countries land in Barcelona in a typical year, up from fewer than 4,500 five years ago, according to data from aviation analyst WINGX.

Superyacht arrivals through the port typically include royals, chief executives of the world’s biggest companies and famous entrepreneurs, according to Ignacio Erroz, general manager of Marina Port Vell, which neighbours MB92 and is fast becoming a centre for knowledge and innovation.

“Yachting is seen as a wholesome activity for people who want a family-oriented lifestyle. It offers the possibility of being in a private and controlled environment and choosing your destination without any restrictions,” he says. “This is key: you get the finest and most luxurious experience travelling around the world, at home.”


Source: The Wealth Report - Knight Frank 

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